Download Mod APK latest v1.1 for Android

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NameKrunker Mod APK

Are you looking for Krunker Mod APK for Android Free Download? In the past few years, there are many games that have been launched in the market and gained immense popularity too. Although these games can be accessed by people of all age groups, these games can sound violent for youngsters and children.

It is true that Krunker does have combat and use of weapons. However, the aesthetics of this game have been developed in such a way that it does not leave any adverse effect on any person. These aesthetics are unique and are also capable of piquing young people’s interest. 

Know About Mod APK Gaming!!!

Download Mod APK latest v1.1 for Android

In the free first-person multiplayer game Krunker, players engage in combat with one another in a spartan urban setting that can be easily displayed even on older PCs. The game utilizes first-person shooter features to the fullest, featuring rapid movement, the strategic discovery of urban locations, teamwork, and frenzied use of a variety of contemporary weaponry like handguns, automatic rifles, snipers, and others.

This game can be played on any device as it does not require any processor or high-quality graphics. You can gain points after clearing every level or after eliminating the opponents in every game. 

Players can also gain these points by clearing various objectives of the game. The player having the highest number of points gets the chance to win at the end of the game.

Although Krunker has straightforward graphics, the matches can be very chaotic as players engage in combat with machine guns, rocket launchers, and other strong weapons. Players must use their surroundings to get around opponents and establish advantageous positions in order to win matches, which also calls for a significant amount of strategy.    

Even though Krunker doesn’t have any ground-breaking features, it might be a good option for anyone who is sick of the realistic battle royale games that have taken over the market. The hilarious graphics set this game apart from the competitors, and the engaging action will keep you going back for more.


Krunker is a web-based game that is available on web browsers. Although it was created initially for computers, it is now accessible on mobile devices like iOS and Android ones. The game has also been available on Steam from February 2021.

Features Of Krunker – Download Krunker Mod APK

Download Mod APK latest v1.1 for Android

Some of the notable features of Krunker can be briefed as follows:

  • This game is free of cost. You do not need to make any payment to avail extra benefits. Just install the game, sign in to it, and enjoy the exciting matches.
  • The interface and aesthetics of this game are quite unique which makes it loved by young players too.
  • There are a number of custom maps and servers that can help to boost the gaming experience of the players.
  • The rapidly changing action of the game emphasizes enhancing the gaming skills of the players.
  • The Krunker game is rooted in the originality of FPS gaming and provides the best possible gaming experience. 


Download Mod APK latest v1.1 for Android

There are around 11 classes available in the game. However, the classes present in the game may vary according to the platform that you are using to play. Some of the classes present in the game’s interface are as mentioned below:

  1. Hunter: If you are looking for the most popular classes of the game then Hunter is the one. It is low in health but can be very effective in the long run. It has the Sniper Rifle which is very useful for longer-ranged games.
  2. Triggerman: This one is the default class as soon as you will start playing the game. It is equally popular among the experts and beginners as well. Being the easiest one to use, it is very balanced and effective for all types of ranges too. He can equip both primary as well as secondary weapons.
  3. Vince: This class is the only one which has the actual name. It uses a Shotgun as its primary weapon. However, it is only effective when shot in a short range. You can boost the range using the movements of shotgun jumping.
  4. Marksman: If you are playing in a medium range then this could be the most balanced class available. It has Semi-Auto as its weapon.
  5. The Detective: This class is suitable for both medium and long-ranged matches as it is very light-weighed as well as does a great deal of damage to the opponent. The name of its weapon is Revolver.
  6. Run n gun: It is suitable for fast-moving game style. It has very fast movements in the game. You can jump walls and grinds with the help of SMG. Its fire rate is high but the damage output is low.
  7. The Rocketeer: It is an easy and heavy class that can be used easily but mastering in this class is quite hard. It is slow in speed but has the second-highest rank in health. You can also enhance mobility and make it jump over environmental objects. You can also switch to its second weapon.
  8. Runner: Its weapon is a knife. It can throw its knife to a lower range. However, it is suitable for custom games as it can jump over walls and grind.
  9. Agent: It is the class that can have two weapons at a single time. It is the only class in the game that can do so. It is an aggressive but short ranged class. However, it has an immense moving speed.
  10. The Deagler: It is the class that can be played in custom games though. It has a weapon called Desert Eagle and if you want to take a secondary weapon then it can be unlocked when you reach level 15.
  11. The survivor: This is another class that can be played in customized games. Using this class, you can build walls, platforms, stairs, blocks, etc. Here you do not have any secondary tool and the name of the primary weapon is Build Tool.

Game Modes 

Game Modes

In this game, the player will be getting around 25 gaming modes which are further divided into three main categories. All these categories are mentioned below:

Market: This might not be present in each platform. You will get access to the market when you will reach level 20. This can even be purchased using KR.

Public Mode: This is the gaming mode that is available on the official servers. The timing in this game mode is 4 minutes. The deaths and kills of the player determine the winner of that match. If you quit the game in between then it is also considered as the lost game.

Party Mode: This one is just similar to the public Mode but can be unlocked at the 4th option which is the voting system. 

Community Mode: Players can enable this mode using the settings and also have some special maps.

Voting system: In this voting system, players decide the maps and gaming modes that could be played in the upcoming match.


Download Mod APK latest v1.1 for Android

Junk: The in-game currency known as junk, which is shown next to your KR balance and is used to manufacture skins. The missions are the best way to gain junk. However, the amount earned depends on how difficult and time-consuming the mission is. Additionally, they can be physically located in the rotation maps, which may be obtained and all give you 0.01 junk, or by speedy selling. 

Krunkies: This is the most important in-game currency. You can obtain this currency in so many ways whether by playing in public mode or in community mode. In the public mode, there is 1 KR on gaining 100 points. 

Trading: This enables individuals with a level 20 account to trade in-game items like skins and cosmetics with one another. Players with Premium have a 15-item limit, but they can still choose up to five items and visit another player’s profile to make an offer. Every trade is subject to an additional KR tax, and non-tradable products display a lock icon.

Installation Guide For Krunker Mod APK

This game can be played on browsers, however, if you want to download this game then you can opt for Krunker MOD. Krunker Mod APK Aimbot is an updated and unlocked version of the official Krunker. You can get all the premium features in this version. The installation guide for Krunker MOD is as follows:

Step 1. First of all, download the game application from the link and wait until the download process is completed.

Step 2. Once the download is completed, you will have to locate the file. It is important to keep an eye on the downloading procedure or else there will be nothing in your file manager. 

Step 3. After this, you will need to grant permission to unknown sources for this app installation. For this, go to the settings in your device and then choose the security option. Next, simply enable the option of unknown sources.

Step 4. Once the file is located, open the app and click on the download folder. Once it is downloaded, just click on the install option and the game will be installed on your device. 

After installation, simply play the game just like all the other official games available on your device or Play Store. 

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FAQs: Krunker io Mod APK

Ques 1. Where Can I Play Krunker?

Ans. The official launcher that can be downloaded, as well as Steam, Microsoft, and Facebook, are all places where you may play the Krunker money hack. It is also playable on computers and mobile devices. Google Play Store and App Store also offer gaming options for mobile devices.

Ques 2. How Can I Host A Custom Game?

Ans. Custom games are an important part of this game. You can check out various game modes in this section of the game. Select the server type and the map you want to play on by clicking the Host Game icon present at the bottom side of the main page. Then, set the game’s settings and the server’s options before clicking Start Game. Press the “Invite” icon to share the link with your friends.

Ques 3. How To Earn A Badge In The Krunker Game?

Ans. You will need to dedicate your efforts and time in order to earn a badge in the game. This will be possible only when you are highly active in creating extraordinary maps. The app developers are responsible to distribute the badges at their exclusive discretion, thus it is up to them to offer you the badges. 

Ques 4. Is There Any Way To Install Krunker?

Ans. Krunker can be called a web browser game. You may therefore play it on a web browser like Chrome or Firefox without having to download anything. However, if you still don’t want to play it on the browser, then you can install the Krunker MOD APK from the websites and enjoy playing as usual. The MOD version is the unlocked and updated version of the official Krunker game which has all the latest updated features. 

Ques 5. What Is The Term KPD Stands For?

Ans. The term KPD stands for Krunker Police Department. In this player-focused anti-cheat system, if a player discovers a hacker in their lobby, they may contact a game moderator. If any player witnesses such an offense, then the KPD would detect hacking and they can tag the hacker player or ban their IP too. 


The Krunker Mod APK game is overall an exciting game that can be played by people of any age group. The interface is extraordinary and extremely engaging which brings the user back to play the game. You can download the game or play it on browsers as it is available on both. Despite having some graphics which are low in quality, it is worth playing.